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There is little question that professional care delivery in the United States is shifting toward a virtual health care platform.

Medical research shows that 60% of US households with broadband access are interested in remote care that would take place online or by telephone.  In other words, patients are increasingly drawn to the concept of healthcare services that come to them, rather than vice versa.

At HOUSE MD we stay on the cutting edge of technology, and deliver healthcare to our patients with convenient and user-friendly platforms.

What is virtual healthcare, exactly?
Virtual healthcare refers to the "virtual visit" that takes place between patients and clinicians via communications technology–the video and audio connectivity that allows "virtual" meetings to occur in real time, from virtually any location.

The HOUSE MD virtual visit program is easily accessed through our patient portal system and our affiliation with the eVISIT virtual visit platform.

Our providers utilize this technology to communicate, evaluate, diagnosis and treat common medical conditions.

This platform is also intended for a more convenient way for follow-up appointments to virtually discuss lab results, testing results and give visual presentations for educational and healthcare awareness purposes.

When thourough physical examination is required we perform in person follow-up evaluations, as the currently cost prohibitive "virtual" physical examination devices are not readily available to both practitioner patients alike.  

Our promise to our patients is to maintain the highest level quality of care, while also looking forward to the new era of medicine that healthcare is about to embark upon.  Our goal is to be on the front lines paving the way to the this bright new future.  

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