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At house MD we are a complete primary care and cardiovascular practice.

We are certified medication reduction specialists, reducing your medication burden where appropriate by practicing an integrative approach to medicine accounting for the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.  

We emphasize the therapeutic relationship between the practitioners and the patient, which is why our  programs follow evidence based medicine that make use of all appropriate therapies.


Our cardiac care providers are board certified and specialize in the practice of cardiology.  

House MD Cardiac Care : practices all fields of cardiology including medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology and arrhythmias.

We have the capability to provide on-site diagnostics as described below, as well as, concierge level access to all noninvasive and invasive cardiovascular testing necessary to come to a complete and thorough diagnosis.  This includes patient car service to and from the facilities to perform testing such as thallium nuclear stress testing, exercise stress test, stress echocardiography, pet CT angiography, vascular studies, cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology procedures.


Our primary care providers practice health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

What makes us different is that our office is your living room.  No more waiting in overcrowded waiting rooms for hours on end just to be seen for 15 minutes.  We pride ourselves on our thourough approach and "family feel".  In fact House MD was born on this premise. 

Our programs deliver common testing found in both primary care and cardiology practices such as:

-2D echocardiography
-Carotid sonography
-Transcranial Doppler
-Oxygen saturation testing
-Renal artery sonography
-Venous duplex
-Thyroid sonography
-Full abdominal sonography

-Pulmonary function testing, with both pre-and post bronchodilator for both baseline annual testing, as well as, chronic pulmonary disease diagnosis and decision making.
-Routine lab work including blood draws, urinalysis, rapid strep, rapid flu
-Procedures: Commonly used injections for pain management, flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, TB testing, vitamin B12 intramuscular injections, IV fluid hydration, glucose testing, acute migraine treatments and much more.
- High-tech remote monitoring devices from our partner QARDIO MD.  this includes the QUARDIO ARM for remote blood pressure monitoring in the QUARDIO BASE 2 which not only measures patients weights but also has a building full-body analyzer measuring bone density, fat percentage, muscle percentage, and water percentage.

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